Cloud Software Engineer Intern

(December 2021Present)

1-year internship assigned to the Google Cloud team.

Analyzed performance data of Google's Hyperprotobench project running with Control Enforcement Technology (CET) using Linux's perf tool.

Built a dashboard for the project inside Intel's Services Framework website with Flask.

Implemented several plots using Pandas and the visualization library Bokeh.


Analytics Software Engineer Intern

(July 2021December 2021)

6-month internship assigned to the Model Engineering team.

Implemented several Azure Pipelines for building and testing a company web application, as well as building data models. Started the migration of the app to Azure with docker.

Pushed several fixes and changes to the web app using MATLAB and Java.


Web Development Intern

(January 2021July 2021)

6-month internship assigned to the Web Marketing team.

Worked with a Quality Assurance team by manually testing the new brand website's features and UI.

Created and managed content for the different regions of the website with the company's CMS, EpiServer.

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